Analysis of demand in passenger transport

Acting on behalf of transport companies, BVU determines the scope and structure of demand for transport in the public transport sector.

Key data gathered includes data for the evaluation and allocation of revenue as well as information on usage by customers.

Sampling procedures are employed to count transport demand and surveying passengers.

Increasingly used for counting in addition to traditional manual surveys are also automatic passenger counting systems. BVU processes counting data from the two collection methods. As part of corridor considerations often combinations of survey procedures occur.

In order to assess the structure of demand for transport in terms of sector and socio-economics, passengers are selected at random during journeys and asked questions in person on the nature of their journey, their tickets and travel group.

The overall procedure is comprised of targeted modules and clearly defined process steps. These steps are

  • preparation of the timetable
  • drawing of samples
  • allocation of survey services
  • recording and checking survey documentation
  • consistent preparation of count and survey data
  • projection
  • evaluation and documentation

BVU deals with these topics depending on the project in different depths. The emphasis is in each case on the data processing, the sampling procedure and extrapolation as well as on the result presentation.

BVU Beratergruppe Verkehr + Umwelt GmbH has carried out studies of this kind continually since 1985.


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