Rail operations

Key focus areas

  • DisPort – disposition portal
  • Conflict identification / conflict solution
  • Train movement control

DisPort – disposition portal

DisPort is a real-time application with microscopic data of operational disposition and serves the development of assistance for rail disponents in terms of conflict recognition and solution. The program was devised on behalf of and in cooperation with DB Netz AG. The key characteristics include:

  • Calculations of integrated journey time, allocation and prognoses
  • Fully automatic recognition of allocation conflicts and technical conflicts taking into consideration restrictions due to availability
  • Semi-automatic conflict solution with proposals for solution variants
  • Preparation and dispatch of driving recommendations via the GSM-R System to the locomotive for display on EBuLa on-board units

In addition various microscopic data about the operational situation are visualised

  • Service plan diagrams of the route disposition sections to show the location of trains as well as occupancy and conflict situations.
  • Route diagrams to display current train locations, signal positions, sections subject to speed restrictions etc.
  • In-depth train detail views for timetables, delay, messages received, speed profiles etc.
  • Visualisation of regulatory framework, available diversions, restrictions to availability etc.

DisPort also features the following technical attributes:

  • Platform-independent (Windows, Linux, ...)
  • 64 Bit architecture (32 Bit optional)
  • Scalable due to dynamic load distribution (high degree of parallelization)
  • Flexible, easily extended architecture through modular construction

With the characteristics described and diverse analysis options, DisPort is suitable for use in the following fields, amongst others:

  • Analyses for specific technical demands
  • Research platform for algorithms
  • Testing innovations and user prompts
  • Appraisal of use prior to implementation of an assistance system for train disposition

Train movement control

Using of an additional module and in conjunction with GSM-R systems, DisPort can be employed in train movement control. This allows amongst others:

  • Creation of driving recommendations with target-time-route-line on the basis of dispositions
  • Preparation and addressing of driving recommendations for transfer and graphic display of driving recommendations as speed information in locomotives equipped correspondingly
  • Display and management of locomotives equipped correspondingly
  • Option to display dispatch status of driving recommendations
  • Display of text to transmit driving recommendations by telephone to locomotives not equipped correspondingly

Train movement control enables operational obstacles between trains to be reduced and relieves the workload on the dispatcher through automatic transmission of disposition decisions in conflict solutions.

The train movement control module features the following technical characteristics:

  • Lean application
  • High-performance, scalable data management
  • Support for diverse interfaces


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