Optimisation of rail transport

Key focus areas

  • Concept drafting and development of individual IT systems and application software to meet client requirements
  • IT support, modelling and simulation of complex business processes and productive systems
  • Recording, blending, evaluation and processing of large amounts of data from third-party systems and the transfer to recipient systems

Exemplary implementation

  • Timetable modification in relation to construction sites (MakSi-FM)
  • Operational feasibility and quality of timetable concepts (MakSi-FS)


MakSi-FM processes macroscopic networks with up to 16,000 intersections and 20,000 routes. MakSi-FM is a very highly modular application to model a wide range of applications.

Timetable data are read directly from the microscopic annual timetable from the general timetable data bank of the German rail network, DB, and automatically depicted on the macroscopic network model. In addition MakSi-FM includes a module to derive basic and prognostic timetables for years in the future.

MakSi-FM processes via open interfaces the construction phase planning of approx. 10,000 construction sites per year. Construction sites involve route closures, track closures and sections subject to speed restrictions. In the case of track closures, various operating procedures are supported and modelled.

The recording of up-to-the-minute network conditions is fully automated, construction sites and sections subject to speed restrictions are depicted on the network to the precise minute.

MakSi-FM includes automatic conflict identification and conflict solution. The automatic conflict solution supports time adjustments to the scheduled route as well as intersections and two-way working.

Diversions with changes to routes can be defined graphically with dialog support in the network or graphic schedule, for lines or individual trains according to construction site. These can then be overlaid on any timetable or timetable status as a temporal deviation.

The result is a modified, conflict-free timetable.

MakSi-FM is in productive service at the federal rail network, DB. It supports the network process “Fahren und Bauen” (“Drive and build”) of DB Netz.


MakSi-FS supports the process of safeguarding the operational feasibility and quality of timetable concepts.

MakSi-FS represents the basis of a system by which on the one hand adherence to planning premises can be validated and on the other hand the qualitative comparison of timetable concepts is facilitated.

MakSi-FS allows both local quality testing as well as the investigation of dynamic aspects affecting on the network as a whole.


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