Sales management and business planning

Amongst the control policy instruments of Marketing, target agreements play a central role. Targets set performance objectives for employees. They serve not only as reference parameters for the monetary components of incentive systems, but also promote commitment as a whole.

Knowledge of the magnitude of local and target-group specific potentials is the basis for successful handling of the market. Finance companies are aware of this necessity, but often deduce potential specifications solely from their own client data base. This does not provide a realistic evaluation of potential as specific local conditions, such as population structure, financial power, and the concomitant probability of demand for specific financial products, are not taken into consideration.

Our activities focus on the preparation of POTENTIAL models for small-scale evaluation of the demand for financial services.

BVU Beratergruppe Verkehr + Umwelt GmbH has over 30 years´ experience in successfully conducting POTENTIAL projects

  • For demand situations in the
    • Banking market
    • Building society market
    • Insurance market
  • With the use and analysis of the population according to socio-democratic parameters

POTENTIAL is an instrument providing support to sales management

  • In strategic sales planning
  • In the annual target-setting process
  • In target-group marketing